portrait Bas Kosters Studio
In September 2017 I met Bas Kosters at his studio to photograph his work inspired by the iconic shoes of Jan Jansen for the art project 'Jan Jansen Shoe Treasures' organised by Liza Snook (Virtual Shoe Museum) and Amber Ambrose Aurèle. Bas Kosters has created a special family of foot friends. The foot has become the starting point point of the four different objects in which the connection with the shoe and the foot is the center of attention. The well-known Bas Kosters figures in their iconic shade of pink were executed in the alienated shape of the human foot. Bas chose to leave the four original Jan Jansen shoes intact - his foot figures seek a relationship with Jansen's shoes. He chose to give the figures a personality, which enables them to find a connection in the world of Bas Kosters and Jan Jansen combined. These pictures show the making of  'I sympathise with the ugly stepsisters' by Bas Kosters and his assistants.
portrait Bas Kosters Studio
Bas Kosters and his assistants working on 'I sympathise with the ugly stepsisters'
portrait Bas Kosters
'Jan is an amazingly creative artisan. Nothing but the utmost praise and admiration for him and for what he has accomplished. Fantastic!'
Bas Kosters for Jan Jansen Shoe Treasures
portrait Bas Kosters Studio
Chloé de Graaf working on 'I sympathize with the ugly stepsisters' at Bas Kosters Studio



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